The Sewergator Gives You the Business

Surprisingly, few businesses have taken advantage of the commercial potential of the sewergator, though Carl's Jr., a United States fast food chain, was quick to recognize the marketing genius of associating its products with effluvia. In 1998, the technological marvel shown below was included with children's meals. This specimen, displaying its full range of motion, was captured by Bob Hiebert, Jr., after a grueling trek through the concrete jungles of Portland, Oregon.

Carl's Jr. Sewergator
See the Carl's Jr. sewergator on the move:
No-frills version (60KB)
Luxury version (448KB)

Alligator Drain & Sewer Cleaning Service in Metairie, Louisiana, has also obviously exploited the sewergator legend. So far as is known, however, the company doesn't give away any cool toys.

Archie McPhee, noted purveyor of rubber reptiles, cashed in on the sewergator craze by offering the specimen pictured below at a mere 8.50USD.

Archie Mcphee Sewergator

New York Sewer Gator
$8.50 ea.

Watch your step in the sewers

Is it just an urban legend or a does a real-life mutant terrorize New York City at night? The locals claim that deep below the city, a group of massive albino alligator beasts lurk in the labyrinthine recesses of the sewer system. These 24" hard rubber New York Sewer Gators are the perfect gift for paranoid New Yorkers and conspiracy theorists. Comes with our exclusive manhole item tag with a humorous newspaper blurb reporting the panic surrounding the latest sightings.

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