Death Tour
David J. Michael

Coyright 1978 by David J. Michael

Despite an early promise of much sewergatorishness, Michael's novel focuses mainly on five very annoying characters who should have been eaten in the first chapter.

From Chapter 2

"I know it sounds strange," she said as she started walking again. "But I guess there are some down there."

"Alligators? In the sewers?"

"In the old pipe sections," she said. Not in the plant. Down under."

"Alligators?" I repeated, like a halfwit. "In the pipes?"

"I guess people flush them down the toilet," she said. "Pets from Florida. And they live off the sludge. In the warmer sections, anyway."

"Oh," I said. I could see that. "You mean little ones."

"I guess they're not always so little."

"You mean they get big? And breed?"

"I think there's a regular colony down there now," she answered. "At least in one of the old brick sections, from the thirties. I wasn't supposed to know, but I've heard my father discussing it with plant people on the phone. I guess it's getting to be a real problem. Now please--" she added, looking at me.

But I cut right in. "And one bit your father?

"Yes! He was down there doing repairs."

"Came right out of the...water--and bit him?"

"He shot it," she said.

"He shot it?" I just kept on repeating. I couldn't believe it.

"He never goes down there without a shotgun," she added. "Maybe that's why he's got such a huge rifle collection."

I flet a little stunned. She never lied. If she said there were alligators, there were alligators. Or at least she believed it.