The New York Times
July 21, 1907
Page 9

NYT, July 21, 1907


Quite a Baby, but it Nipped the Hand of the Finder.

Charles Gidds of Duke Street, Kearny, N.J., is employed as Superintendent in the Kearny Street Department. He was clearing out a sewer Friday, when a workman called his attention to a strange object in the water. Gidds picked it up, but suddenly dropped it with a yell.

Workmen then examined the object, which proved to be a young alligator about eighteen inches long. It had nipped Gidds in the right hand, but inflicted little injury.

It was learned later that the alligator had escaped a week ago from Freeholder John W. Roache, and [sic] who welcomed its return with many thanks.

(Thanks to Sewerfriend Morris A. Pierce for this item.)