Kill your televison, and feed it to a sewergator (newsbites courtesy of Lexis-Nexis):

Action News: CBS: Los Angeles
December 30, 1993: 5:00pm PT
Linda Alvarez, Chris Conangla, anchors

(T) damages and injuries caused by young child, Tammy Wynette, vehicle pursuit, alligator in sewer.

(T) Live at 5, holiday airfare bargains, alligator in sewer.

Residents of a St.Petersburg, FL condominium complex who have been caring for Sir Winston, an alligator who has been trapped in a storm drain for two weeks, were happy to see their friend freed today. (C) scene of incident.

Eyewitness Morning News: WJBK-TV: Detroit
July 28, 1995: 6:00am ET
FOX Network: Warren Pierce & Jennifer Howe, anchors

6:18 am CNN Report

Tensions run high in Miami and Indianapolis, neighborhood riots.

Alligators in New York city, three foot long gator found in the sewers.

6:19 am commercial break

Ten O'Clock News: WUAB-TV
May 7, 1999: Friday PM

START: 38.19

Sewer gator. In New York a dead 7 foot alligator turns up in the sewer system.

END: 38.48