Welcome to www.sewergator.com, the Internet's only officially approved sewergator sanctuary.

Our Mission

Alligators in the sewers form one of the most enduring and endearing urban legends known. Sadly, today's sewergators are threatened by a diminishing supply of the gullibility so crucial to their survival. In response to this crisis, Sewergator Enterprises has joined forces with renowned folklorists to establish a refuge on the Internet, the only place in the world still capable of meeting the special needs of the sewergator population. Here, with your help, the subterranean saurians can flourish as never before.

How You Can Help

We at Sewergator Enterprises don't want your money. (Actually, we do, but we don't think you're quite dumb enough to give it to us.) The Internet is all about information, and that's what we need from you. If you run across a news article, or a story, or some artwork, or just about anything dealing with sewergators or their kin, drop it in the gator data grate below, or just drop us a line describing what you've found and where you found it. We'll do the rest. And the sewergators will thank you. And might not eat you.

Warmest personal regards,

´┐Żlo (pronounced Geoff) Melton
President, Sewergator Enterprises

Sewergator Data Cistern